Tell me something about your history in the creative arts. Did you have a formal school education or are you self taught?
I have no special education in the field. All the things I have learnt are self-thought. I acquire knowledge by accepting challenge of realisation of my own ideas. 

We're interested to hear about your basic inspirations that drive your creative energies.
I am not intentionally seeking inspiration for my works. Ideas I realise arrives in form of visual visions the source of which lies in everyday life, everyday emotional experience and feelings. And all these sources create visual vision what is based on story important to me and on story I tell to myself. That’s the story I impersonate into my work.

What were the circumstances that planted that first creative spark in you, and how is that tied to your current inspirations?
I have always been interested in visual expression, in the ability to create my own world, images and events. I suppose I didn’t think about it initially – I just wanted to create a nice picture showing my point of view and world as I see it.  Today I see great opportunity in creating another world, characters and siutations exsisting parallel to real life and reflecting real life.

Do you have others in your family with creative energies?
No, there is no other member in my family dealing with creative processes, but most of my friends are involved in art more or less, directly or indirectly. 

Was there a particular person in your past that nurtured your creative instincts, like an artist, or a teacher, or mentor of some kind?
No, I don't have any particular person who is directly involved in helping me to get in position I am now in. 

Where is the source of your creative inspiration, initially, and how has it been nurtured throughout your creative endeavours?
I don’t seek inspiration intentionally. My inspiration becomes apparent in form of self-conversation. And if there is no inspiration, there is no sense in talking to myself.

Where does your creative process begin?
I can’t say my creative process starts or ends at some point. It is just process whic sometims has some results and sometimes not. It can be described as wavy. 

Where do you get your ideas?
My ideas usually emerge as visual images, places or situations. I write them down or sketch them on paper and then translate them to myself, I adjust the way of expression thus leading up to outcome.

How do you feel that creating your "art" is a part of your lifestyle, and life's plan for you?
I can’t say creating art makes part of my life. I am quite lazy; I don’t create as much as artist would have to. There are just some ideas addressing me so powerfully I can’t put them aside, may be I can for some time, but even then they are not leaving my mind asking for realisation. I don’t consider myself to be a big artist. Consequentially, I don’t have life style of an artist. 

How has your creative nature influenced your personal relationships?
I don’t think my creative nature influences any of my personal relationships. It is just part of myself and doesn’t leave some particular impact on other people, but it could happen contrariwise though.

What is a typical day like for you?
Wake up; go to work; dinner; tee time with friends in the evening; going to bed. Not very good question.

Do you have personal partnerships with others connected to your creative sense?  Can you speak a bit about that dynamic? 
I don’t involve anyone in my creative expression. Models are exception of course. And moslte these people become involves are interested in realisation of particular idea. 

Say something about the decision making process in your approach to what you do.
There is always decision making involved in work process - to do something differently, to reject an idea etc. I have noticed the great help of time on this score.  Looking at some things from a distance of time gives a fresh point of view, improves decision making and enhances realisation. Of course, sometimes I consult other people regarding some aspect of realisation of an idea etc, but mostly I handle it by myself. I am not very excited about somebody intervening into process of dealing with unfinished work. 

Do you ever want to get away from it all?  What do you do for release, and to shake out the cobwebs of energy spent?
I have never thought I am tired of “it all”. I just don’t do it so much to get bored or tired, I don’t push myself.  It is quite naturally for me “not to do” something.  When I need a rest I just do something else. I ride my bicycle, for instance. 

How important, in your art, is the message, as in, imbedding a literal purposeful message into your artistic aesthetics.
Message in my works are important for me. I tell something to myself by these works, but I am really happy if people get some message for themselves out of my works – their own story, own association of expressions of feelings. I am glad if feelings arousing in viewers are at least a bit similar to those I have. 

How do you feel living in your city/ town/ country, affect your creative energies or influence your work?
I don't think city I live in affect my work in any way. 

How do you feel the "cultural landscape" of your city/ town/ country affect your work?
I don’t think it does.
What do you think of art as activism?  
I don’t see art as some for of activity. I don't feel it is similar to sport or business or any material wealth, fame or public acknowledgment. I suppose there is some kind of “artist” in every person.  I consider art to be something what is created by drive of emotions, conviction, ideas, vision, and if it is done truly and in strong belief of what is done – it is best expression of art.  

What is the power of your medium, and message, for you?

If you do collaborative projects with others, can you speak about how this interaction with fellow collaborators works for you?
I don’t work together with other persons usually.  But if I do, I have to know the person I collaborate with – to a degree which enables me to understand his/her personality, stream of thought and vice versa.
Can you say something about your use of story telling, and its role in your work?
My story telling is surrealistic, scenes I create exist in „another” world – these are images and places existing in parallel and having no direct link to real world. Though, the way I show this „world” is quite realistic, I like to play with consciousness that way, to show photorealistic events in unreal atmosphere and place. It kind of assures the viewer that the scene he/she sees has happened actually. 
How important is the audience in the personal drive you have to create?
Audience don’t have crucial meaning for me. As I said, I create for myself and are happy if somebody finds something personal or interesting in my photographies. 

How does personal intuition play a part in your life's work?
I don’t rely on intuition too much, but rather believe in rational solutions. However, I consider  intuition to be one of the senses which should be taken into account.  

What would you hope to accomplish in the next few years?
I would love to take more photos, to learn how to draw and paint, as I consider this ability would improve my technical skills. I would love to read more, and may be build my own studio.

As a unique voice in the larger artistic community, how does that affect your goals?
I don’t think any of artists of group of artist influences my goals - not directly at least. Of course, I am interested in a way other artists express their ideas, but it doesn’t affect my own goals. 

What is core to your personal mission?
Genuineness to myself. 

Do you have upcoming projects that you're inspired with?
I don’t have any projects, I am not planning anything magnificent, but I have some ideas I will be working on soon. I prefer to work in a fragmented way rather than concentrate on particular big project 

What is your idea of success?
I have not formulated definition of success for myself. I consider my own satisfaction of my work to be a great success for myself, and I am of course happy if somebody else likes it as well and sees some idea in my photgraphies or feels connection with the ideas and feelings I am expressing 
What makes you happiest?
I am happy if I succeed in realisation of an idea close enough to initially planned,  I am glad if the outcome of my work is loved by other people. I am glad to hear constructive criticism as it develops my skills. And I am delighted it people can tell their own story source of what is has been my work, I am glad if my work provokes  any reflections in viewer.  

What is your moment of perfection?
The moment I take photo, the moment I see it in display of camera and can’t wait to get to processing. 

Where do you go when you need that fire inside you stoked?
I look at works of other people, read interviews, and look how other artists work.  I consider inspiration to be catching. Seeing somebody overwhelmed by work of realisation of and idea inspires me. 

What, to you, is art?
I am of the opinion that art is intellectual way of expression. It contains everything what can't be said or done. Art – it is love, hate, joy and sadness simultaneously, feelings one can’t survive without, feelings what will accompany me all my life. This can be said about every person. If I feel emotional experience looking at work of art I can't stay cold.  

What's the best part of being who you are right now?
I am glad I am not indifferent to myself and my feelings and that I still believe in myself and my activity. I still have many ideas, thoughts and inspiration, I am happy about state I am in.  

What is the next answer you have for us that we've all been waiting to ask?
Was it easy to answer all these questions? Not at all. It wasn't easy for me as I have never before formulated for myslef these definition you asked me, but it was very interesting experience